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No fee to attend.

 70/Four70 MS Men's group


In person meeting: 3 July 2021

(Please be aware of safety guidelines and agreements prior to our in-person meeting.

~ Convening and connecting people in person is important to our effectiveness.
~ Health and safety of people with MS and everyone in the MS movement is our top priority.
~ We are all responsible for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.
~ The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is for everyone to get vaccinated.
~ We follow the guidance of government authorities.
~ When guidance is in conflict or ambiguous, we use our best judgment keeping in mind our top priority.
~ We make decisions centrally as one national organization [the NMSS] however, ramping up may look different across the country.


  1. Face coverings: If you are not vaccinated, facial coverings are required. If vaccinated, facial coverings are optional.
  2. Screening: all participants, volunteers, staff and attendees must agree to the Covid-19 Health Screening statements below.
  3. Physical distancing and person-to-person contact: events and gatherings will continue to be planned to allow for distance between staff, volunteers and participants whenever possible. Subject to local and site requirements.
  4. Maintain clean spaces: follow CDC guidelines for routine cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms, shared spaces, and high-touch surfaces.
  5. Handwashing: ensure adequate handwashing supplies and/or hand sanitizer with minimum 60% alcohol is available.
  6. Communication, education and expectations: participant, attendee and volunteer expectations and education will be distributed prior to and at the gathering.


The following are health screening questions for you and all meeting participants. We are asking all meeting attendees to read, understand and agree to adhere to the below guidelines. If you or any meeting participant answers NO to any of the statements below, they should not attend the meeting.
• If I am fully vaccinated by an FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccine, I understand wearing a mask is optional.
• If I am not fully vaccinated, I agree to wear a mask at all times during this event, except when eating or drinking.
• I understand the contagious nature of COVID-19 and I assume all risk associated with attending this event, including being exposed to COVID-19, and I waive the National Multiple Sclerosis Society from all liability therewith.

Email 70four70@weplan.com and ask for a copy.)

We’re happy to announce that 70/Four70 MS Men’s Group is ready to come back together in-person on Saturday 3 July, 2021, at Murphy Creek Golf Course in the Meeting Room. [map]

Please join us as we celebrate the Nation’s Independence Day and renew our friendships!

Self-help for Men Who Have
Multiple Sclerosis
and Experience its Impacts.


Please read our Posts page, Diluted Purpose.
For information regarding 70/Four70, contact 70Four70@weplan.com

To adapt to the pandemic, the Society’s self-help groups were asked to “remain meeting digitally and refrain from coming together in-person at least through May 31st.” Yes, this date was moved-out frequently. As a result, we originally “adjusted our style” to allow men with MS to stay connected via on-line meetings. We hoped and intended this to be temporary because we believe physical/social closeness is important for mental and physical health. As of 6 March 2021, we discontinued further on-line meetings. However, beginning 3 July 2021 we have been allowed by the NMSS to restart our in-person meetings.

Whether in-person or on-line, our meetings have been and will remain open discussions.

HISTORY: Prior to the pandemic, we held meetings in the Conference Room of Murphy Creek Golf Course at 1700 S. Old Tom Morris Road, Aurora, CO 80018. Our restarted in-person meetings will resume in that venue July 3rd.  We look forward to seeing you in-person!

To inquire, confirm, and/or verify, simply email George and Kirk at 70four70@weplan.com. For any meeting, your RSVP is not necessary but appreciated.

MAINTAIN Physical Distance but be Socially Close to Stay Connected.

Purpose: The online/virtual meeting format allowed us to continue interacting in a casual way but as of 6 March 2021, online meetings were discontinued.

Even if you’ve never attended 70/Four70 MS Men’s Self-help Group in person and/or missed any of the online/virtual pandemic version of the monthly meetings, join us as our in-person meetings are held again for casual conversation about what we were individually thinking, feeling, and doing while practicing physical distancing.

Hope to see you soon!

All input regarding 70/Four70 meetings is greatly appreciated.
Just email Kirk & George at 70four70@weplan.com

NOTE: Be sure to return to this site for updates.

Join us in July and for now . . .

Maintain Physical Distancing
but be Socially Close and always
Stay Connected by phone, texts, social media, etc.

Going Forward

Return to this page from time-to-time to see changes/updates.

We are looking forward to
resuming physically close
in-person meetings.
This will continue monthly on the first Saturday of most months.

To be held in the Conference Room of
Murphy Creek Golf Course
1700 S. Old Tom Morris Road, Aurora, CO 80018. [map]


  • January 2 (ONLINE only) √
  • February 6 (No meeting due to connectivity issue)
  • March 6 (No meeting)
  • April 3 (No Meeting)
  • May 1 (No Meeting) √
  • June 5 (No meeting) √
  • July 3 (Murphy Creek GC)
  • August 7 (Murphy Creek GC)
  • September 4 (Murphy Creek GC)
  • October 2 (Murphy Creek GC)
  • November 6 (Murphy Creek GC)
  • December 4 (Murphy Creek GC)

To be cautious and maintain physical distancing, the NMSS initially canceled all in-person meetings through 31 December 2020, then through 31 May 2021. This included the monthly in-person meetings we had been holding in the Conference Room of Murphy Creek Golf Course at 1700 S. Old Tom Morris Road, Aurora, CO 80018.

We now resume those in-person meetings!

Until March 2021, some of you participated in our on-line meetings. Although our on-line meetings have been discontinued, we look forward to seeing you in-person at our regular physical meeting location: Simply show up!   No RSVP is necessary but appreciated.

To inquire, confirm, verify and/or comment, email George & Kirk at 70four70@weplan.com


Founded in mid-2013, this small informal all male self-help group of men diagnosed with multiple sclerosis discusses all aspects of our Multiple Sclerosis and began meeting the 1st Saturday of most months from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.± in the Conference Room of Murphy Creek Golf Course located at 1700 S. Old Tom Morris Road, Aurora, CO 80018.

We see the importance to our health of social interaction and we focus on this aspect of life during the meeting.

Although from time-to-time we have a speaker, most of the time the men share what’s on their minds and how they’ve dealt with issues raised by others and suggestions for coping.

If you are a man with MS and at least 18-years of age, you already have a membership card, so please join us!

Sponsored by CO-WY Chapter of the National MS Society.


No whining: we approach MS from a man’s point of view and it’s not a pity-party.

Our discussions are informal in an open meeting atmosphere. The men in this small group share what’s on their minds and how they’ve dealt with issues raised by others and suggestions for coping.

Regular in-person meetings are on the first Saturday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00± a.m. and when physical distancing ends, we hope to again meet in the conference room between the Pro Shop and the Murphy Creek Tavern & Restaurant at Murphy Creek Golf Course, 1700 S. Old Tom Morris Road, Aurora, CO 80018. [map]


Is there a fee to attend?
No. This group is put together by men with MS who volunteer to organize and coordinate the meetings.

What are the qualifications to attend?
If you have MS, are a male, and at least 18 years old, you meet the requirement!

How many men can attend?
We meet in a small conference room that can accommodate 8 to 10 people.  We are an intentionally small group and anticipate 4 to 7 people. We can move into the tavern, if we have more attendees.

What about accessibility?
Plenty of disabled parking and NO steps.

What are the topics?
Discussion of religion and/or politics and sales pitches are forbidden.  Be aware, endorsement of any drug therapy is neither intended nor implied by the Men’s Group or National MS Society.

RSVPs are appreciated but not required.

Who are the contacts for this group?
email George Fischer and Kirk Williams at 70Four70@weplan.com

Why are we called 70/Four70?
Simply because we meet in the area not far from the intersection of Interstate 70 and Colorado toll road E-470.

Murphy Creek Golf Course
On 3 August 2013, the 70/Four70 MS Men’s Group began meeting on the first Saturday of each month at 9:30 am in the conference room between the Pro Shop and the Murphy Creek Tavern and Restaurant at the Murphy Creek Golf Course, 1700 S. Old Tom Morris Road, Aurora, CO 80018. [map]

Sponsored by the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, this small informal all male group discusses all aspects of what it means to be a man with the disease we have in common. In many cases the usual roles of husband/family member, employed individual or bread-winner, maybe even driver, have radically changed.

Our discussions are informal in an open meeting atmosphere of mutual understanding. The men in the group share what’s on their minds and how they’ve dealt with issues raised by others and suggestions for coping.

Any man with MS and at least 18-years of age, already has a membership card, so please join us!

Murphy Creek Golf Course logo
“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be . . . amidst the simple beauty of nature. As long as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”
― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

The National MS Society respects the rights of people with MS to obtain any and all information they want related to MS including information on wellness, medical treatments or complementary therapies, and products and services. The information presented at this meeting does not necessarily reflect the views or official position of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, nor carry the endorsement or support of the Society. For specific medical advice, contact your physician. For the opinion of the Clinical Advisory Board of the National MS Society on any therapy, treatment or product, please contact your chapter at 1-800-344-4867 (1-800-FIGHT-MS), or visit our web site at www.nationalMSsociety.org.