Colorado Medical Exemption Program (CMEP)

2017 Update

Although the National MS Society’s CO-WY Chapter is no longer partnering with Xcel Energy to administer the Colorado Medical Exemption Program (CMEP), the Chronic Care Collaborative has assumed the administration of the program.

Colorado Xcel Energy customers can participate, if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Have medical conditions that require high use of electricity during the summer and/or use life support equipment in their homes. (Some examples include: home dialysis, oxygen and CPAP machines and electric wheel chairs;)
  2. Use a high level of electricity in the summer (more than 830 KWH of power each month;
  3. Have a household income of less than 250% of federal poverty guidelines and;
  4. Complete and return the program application by May 1, 2017;  HOWEVER, if you do not make the date, still submit your application for consideration.
    Note: Customers must meet all four qualifiers to be approved for the program.

To apply, see below and please refer to the Chronic Care Collaborative website.
17-02-504_CO-Res-Info Sheet
  CMEP Info Sheet
17-01-514_CO_CMEP_App_P03 CMEP Application


2016 Update

The National MS Society’s CO-WY Chapter is continuing its partnership with Xcel Energy to administer the Colorado Medical Exemption Program generally known as CMEP.

In March, the Society began sending out new applications. It is hoped the number of people helped by this program will continue to grow.  Click on the following links to PDFs regarding CMEP information for 2016 and the CMEP application form for 2016.

Colleen Becker, Public Policy Intern, is the administrator for this program in 2016. If you have any questions or need applications please contact Colleen at (303) 698-5409 or email her at


2015 Status

The Colorado Medical Exemption Program (CMEP) is underway and completed applications are due by May 1, 2015. CMEP is a special energy-assistance program offered by Xcel Energy and overseen by the National MS Society CO-WY Chapter.

CMEP is designed to help reduce summer electricity bills for Xcel Energy electricity customers who use life support equipment or have a medical condition that requires a high usage of electrical power.  Click here for the online application.

Spread the word to Colorado friends and family who are service customers of Xcel Energy and who may be interested in or benefit from this program. The Chapter helped over 550 households last year and the goal is to increase the number of households helped by 200.

For more information, please contact Tim Bergman (303) 698-5409 or Caitlin Westerson (303) 698-5435.


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