News from the Chapter

New Driving Publication Available
A new publication – Driving with Multiple Sclerosis – is available to help address questions and concerns about how MS might affect a person’s ability to drive now or in the future. The 18-page booklet reviews the skills necessary for safe driving, information about driving evaluations, different types of auto adaptive equipment, DMV policies and ways to maintain independence when safe driving is no longer an option. If you would like to receive a copy of this booklet contact Carla at or 303-698-5442.

Connection Volunteer Training
The recordings and associated handouts for the telelearning/educational opportunities for connection volunteers are now posted on the Resources and Support page of the National MS Society website to listen to these recordings.

SAGE: Brief Self-Administered Test for Memory and Thinking
The SAGE (Self-Administered Gerococognitive Examination) is a cognitive assessment tool used to measure a person’s memory and thinking abilities. It is a pen and paper test that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. It can be taken in your home but is best taken at the doctor’s office where the doctor can score the test and start an evaluation or treatment if needed. If SAGE is taken at home it should be taken to the doctor’s office on the next visit.
To access the SAGE test and instructions, go to
For more information, talk with your doctor or call the Department of Neurology at 614-293-4969 or

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